Vaporfi Discount Codes – Coupon & Promo Codes For 2018

Here are the latest 2018 Vaporfi coupon codes for e-juice, starter kits, all hardware and free shipping to help you save even more, and a review of this all-in-one vape store.

Save 12% On All Starter Kits and Hardware

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12% Off The Vaporfi PRO II

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Save 12% On The Express E-Cig

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Save 12% On The Vaporfi Orbit

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Vaporfi: All-Purpose Vape Provider

Seldom does an e cig brand try to be all things to all people. They usually design or re-label and carry a selection of items from standard mini cigs to eGos, and perhaps a little way beyond that.

If they carry anything else it is typically a product customers are already familiar with made by a Chinese company, like an Innokin iTaste MVP or the Tesla APV. Vaporfi is one of the few brand names which attempts to satisfy vapers from every perspective.

You could be brand new to vaping, a little experienced and wanting more advanced hardware, truly experienced, or an herbal vaper. You’ll be glad to know that Vaporfi has what you need and you can use Vaporfi coupon codes before you checkout.


The following is a list of what they carry, so I will break it down a little. For beginners, this company offers three types of e cig: the Air, Pro, and Express. These are very easy to use and the Pro is customizable. The Pro is listed as their top choice for “newbies.”

The Pulse and the Rocket are mid-level e cigs. They take a bit of experience to operate, but not much. Sometimes brand new vapers order these and say that, with video tutorials on the website, it doesn’t take much time to learn their ins and outs.

Experienced vapers will turn to the telescopic Rebel and the Vox Mod, version II in both cases. The original Rebel is still there, but it makes more sense to buy the upgraded item. Each one is made for advanced vapers only.

Alternative vaping devices sold here are the Boom for e Hookah and a portable dry herb device known as the Orbit.

Vaporfi Custom Vaporizer BuilderCustom Builder

Are you finding it hard to choose just one e cig because you like the tank from one model and the battery from another? Vaporfi introduced their custom kit builder earlier this year and it simplifies the process of building your own e cig.

While you don’t save any money this way, a right-hand side bar shows you what a vaporizer will look like if you combine certain parts and particular colors. You will see if a tank appears too small or too large for the base, if shades clash or complement one another, and any other stylistic pros and cons.

This feature is limited to Pro and Rocket batteries plus Pro-L, Pro-XL, Clear, Rocket, Platinum, and Titanium clearomizers/tanks. Customers can also add a wall adapter and/or extra atomizers if they want.

E Liquid

The hardware is well known in the vaping world and is often cited next to the finest names in e cigs, but their e juice has gained the most attention over national TV. They carry two lines: the Artisan Series for high-vegetable glycerin (VG) vaping and their regular series.

Artisan e liquids contain 60% VG, so they are quite thick. You must be using a tank that will not clog up with viscous juices; one designed for high-powered vaping, like a Rocket or Rebel tank, the Bolt, or a Volt Hybrid. Artisan flavors contain up to 1.8% nicotine while the regular ones go up to 2.4% with a zero-nicotine option in both cases.

You can also blend your own flavors by selecting up to three pre-existing ones for no extra cost, but only in the original series for $15.99. Artisan juices cost $21.99. Both come in 30-ml bottles: plastic and glass, respectively. And of course there is a promo code for Vaporfi products that you may use.

Artisan flavors are Summer Lovin’ (lemon/raspberry), Northern Lights, their most reviewed and highly rated flavor (minty melon, berry, and guava), and Monkey Business (creamy banana custard). Decadence is a silky nutella-type e liquid with cream. Black Velvet tastes like cherry cola. Moroccan Gold is a vanilla tobacco style.

New blends in the original line include Sea Spray with cantaloupe, pear, and lemon. White Gold is vanilla-cream tobacco. Toffee Latte was the flavor of the month at 25% off. Other new ones were Strawberry Margarita, Strawberry Milk, and Sweet Bourbon.

To find the top flavors in other categories (tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit, and other), just browse for highest ratings and number of reviews. Totally Toffee, Menthol Ice, Sahara gold, Appletini, and Double Espresso came out as winners. There is no useful filter for organizing flavors according to their popularity or ratings.


Under every product you will find a series of reviews from most recent to oldest. Customers share their honest opinions about products, and if there are complaints the company responds. They frequently have advice to offer: I think there are times, though, when they take these comments to heart and respond to them by upgrading devices.


A lot of companies have gone through their catalogues and cut prices by a few cents or a few dollars. Vaporfi has followed suit and has even offered promo codes. Several products’ prices were listed in red indicating they were cut a little or a lot.

The Pro in black has been reduced by about $5. The price of a Pro Colors was shaved slightly. Pay a lot less for a Pulse with its circular charging dock and a little less for the Boom.

I get the feeling, as I look at those new tags, that they have some more upgrades up their sleeves or they will be moving certain products along. The Pulse, for instance, strikes me as one of those novelty items which served its purpose up until 6 months ago and isn’t really needed anymore.

Technically there are better products in the catalogue. Its display is no big deal; it just counts your puffs. You can’t adjust volts or airflow. The Air came down in price: is that one going out the door? I can’t say, but the Pro is a bestseller and excellent for new vapers, so it will stay.

E liquid costs a dollar more per 30 ml than a few months ago, but it was always cheap and I’d still argue that $15.99 for 30 ml is good value. – and of course you can always use the available coupons. Vaporfi does not have the cheapest prices, but customer service is reportedly very good and there are discounts around if you collect rewards. You are also dealing directly with them if you have any issues, rather than a 3rd party e-tailer.

Vaporfi Discount Codes – Coupon & Promo Codes For 2018
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