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Want to vape at sub-ohms one day and just low ohms the next? If so, the Aspire Atlantis is flexible enough to fit your needs if you can find one in stock. Aspire tanks tend to sell out at the best of times.

Think of how many times you went to buy a Nautilus, only to discover 3,000 other people got there before you did and they were on back order. The same is happening all over again, this time with their Atlantis V2.

Aspire Atlantis V2 Tank for Sub-ohms and Low ohms.

The Atlantis V2 is made of stainless steel and Pyrex.


You need to know this because tanks made of inferior materials are more likely to break, to infuse elements of lesser-quality materials into your juice, and threading will become uneven quickly and frustrate attempts to undo and rebuild the tank when you have to replace an atomizer head or tube.

Pyrex is still glass, but strong glass that can handle knocks the way thin glass just can’t. Stainless steel is hygienic and hard-wearing, not to mention corrosion resistant.

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Low Ohms

When we talk about low ohms we mean around 1 ohm or up to 1.8 ohms. Sub-ohms are available with coils wrapped below 0.9 ohms and only if the system is designed to handle it.

Low resistance coils make for hotter vapor, and hotter systems can overheat a battery not created for that purpose. That’s why you should only vape at sub-ohms when product descriptions tell you to go for it.

Variable Watt box and tube mods like the Aspire CF MAXX, iStick 30W, MVP 3.0, and several others are good examples. The Atlantis V2 comes with a pre-installed 0.3-ohm coil.

Adjustable Airflow

Aspire’s Nautilus and Aspire tanks are both designed with an airflow valve in the bottom cap. This allows you to bring in more or less air and change the resistance of your draw.

That’s different from another airflow valve in the top part below the mouthpiece: a valve for cooling vapor before you inhale. Vapers are in total control of the entire experience yet only have to install a single tank.

Aspire Atlantis MegaMega Tank

Mods can last for hours on a single charge, so tanks have to hold a lot of juice.

A big version of the Atlantis Tank contains 5 ml and comes with the same set up.

Select the 0.3-ohm or 0.5-ohm coil. Operate at 70W to 80W or choose a lower-watt device like the 50W MAXX.

VaporFi’s VOX is another mid-range option, or you might like the MVP 3.0 20W for a 0.5-ohm coil. The Atlantis Mega has the same adjustable valves as its smaller counterpart.


Aspire goes to pains so you can see your tank in its clear case but can also see it is protected against knocks and bumps by molded foam.

Aspire Atlantis 2 Promo Code For 10% Off
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