Anyone thinking about buying an Eversmoke product will either be new to vaping or buying a mini cig for someone else. The company only carries cigalikes and related products; they haven’t branched out to carry 650-mAh batteries and they don’t supply empty cartomizers you can refill with e juice.

But like Green Smoke, Bull Smoke and White Cloud, Eversmoke gives customers at a certain level exactly what they want. Fans consider the Eversmoke battery among the best cells of its kind too.

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The Website

Eversmoke organizes their website professionally, clearly, and in a way that demonstrates business intelligence behind the scenes.

They come across as confident, young, and environmentally friendly (an abundance of green helps.)

Eversmoke e liquid is made in America, a rare fact when the average mini cig company has to confess their juice is made in China. That includes Green Smoke, Bull Smoke, and V2 Cigs.

If you’re feeling patriotic or simply aware of how important this little fact is, think about Eversmoke’s American e juice as you browse their competitors’ sites.

Their page is also a research destination when you prepare to shop. Discover the most basic description of the most basic e cig products: exactly what Eversmoke sells. It’s tempting to just buy a cigalike and get started, but let the company walk you through some details first. It won’t take long.

Products at Eversmoke

Newbies typically start with disposables, but then they go on to purchase or order rechargeable starter sets. These products contain essential items and sometimes additional pieces to enhance the vaping experience. Essentials are batteries, cartridges, and chargers. Anything else is gravy.

Most experts recommend buying a 2-battery kit right from the beginning. If you have already puffed on a disposable e cig, you know what to expect. If you ever recharged a battery, the same rules apply. Don’t let them lose their charge completely before sticking them in the charger. You know how to store batteries safely. Now all you need to learn is timing: keeping one battery ready for the time when your current battery needs to go in the charger.

Starter Kits are great because you usually save money: sometimes a few dollars, and sometimes a lot of dollars.

A $49.99 kit with 2 batteries at Eversmoke provides one short battery, a high-capacity cell that gets rave reviews, 5 refill cartridges, a USB charger, and an AC wall adapter. Choose stainless, black, or white and manually operated or automatic cells.

Another 2-battery option for the holidays costs just $14.99. You get so much more than if you spent $29.99 on the Reusable Express package with its single battery, 2 cartridges, a USB charger, and a $29.99 price tag.

Also, with the Express, your only choices are tobacco and menthol, 18 mg. The holiday special lets you pick a flavor and 0 to 24mg.

The next item is Eversmoke’s $79.99 Pro Kit. It features a USB cig as well as everything else I listed for the 2-battery set, a car charging adapter, and more cartridges.

Pay $149.99 and your Ultimate Kit supplies a second high-capacity cell, portable charging case, carry case, and 15 cartridges with the power cig.

The PCC on its own is a $49.99 value at Eversmoke, and even though this price is excessive (other brand’s examples cost from $15 to around $60, with $30 being reasonable in this class), you can’t use all brand’s products interchangeably. Some work, but most don’t.

Couples Kits double the value of a Basic package with the addition of car chargers at a marginally lower price.

The Batteries

Just as a side note for new vapers, e cig batteries come in multiple sizes and two possible functions.

Short versions replicate the authentic size of a cigarette, but they don’t hold a charge very long. You might get 2 hours out of one, even as a light smoker.

High-capacity batteries keep going for up to 4 hours (sometimes a little longer, especially these Eversmoke cells), but with a cartridge attached they create a longer profile. If you don’t mind an additional few millimeters, they are worthwhile.

Manual batteries feature a tiny button. To heat the atomizer coil in your cartridge, press this button and puff. It’s a more efficient use of the battery than just puffing on a cell which remains constantly ready for service.

Your best choice when replacing batteries (which you will need to do in roughly 6 months or longer) is to purchase bundles of 3 at a time for $49.99. You can select any color, size, or function for each of them. Individually the cost is high.

Replace Cartridges

Eversmoke refills are priced $39.99 for 15 and a little less if you order 30 or 45 at a time. A Home Delivery subscription supplies refills automatically at regular intervals, reducing this price further. Still, they are some of the priciest cartridges around. But remember: that’s US juice in there.

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