Vaporfi Artisan Collection

Vaporfi has always been well known for its selection of e juices: 30,000+. Instead of creating and bottling the entire gamut of flavor options they leave it in customers’ hands to create unique blends, offering an assortment of pre-mixed styles as well.

This assortment, however, did not satisfy the cloud chasers among their clients who were looking elsewhere for vegetable glycerin-heavy e liquids. Vaporfi had to come up with a solution that would keep their clients on the books and make them happy they chose to stick around; hence, the Vaporfi Artisan Collection was launched.

Reserve Collection

Vaporfi swiftly renamed this line the Reserve Collection, but it remains the same thing: a small menu of e liquids designed for discerning palates and high-watt, low-resistance vapers.


These six juices are excellent choices if you operate a VW vaporizer like the Vox II or any comparable item such as the KBox, Smok M80+, MVP 30W, or an XPV 40W mod. You are capable of firing at sub-ohm resistance with any of the mods listed here and at 30 or more watts. The combination of high heat and viscous juices at low resistance creates excellent vapor; even competitive clouds.

Consumers want more than fog; they hope to combine this with flavor too. Vaporfi offers six options, each one contained in 30-ml glass bottles, pre-steeped and ready to vape.

Six Styles

These flavors are Decadence, Summer Lovin’, Moroccan Gold, Northern Lights, Black Velvet, and Monkey Business. Choose a dessert, tobacco, or fruit variety containing up to 1.8% nicotine. The most heavily reviewed of these is Northern Lights; one with a hint of mint for the ex-menthol smoker.

Even people who never smoked menthols appreciate how refreshing a hint of mint can be to certain fruit blends, like a green sprig on a fruit salad. Northern Lights e liquid also contains guava, berries, and melon.

Decadence is the name for a chocolate-style blend similar to a certain hazelnut spread but with added cream. Summer Lovin’ combines two fruits you don’t often see together: raspberry and lemon. Both are a little tart, but raspberry adds a hint of sweetness to this breezy ADV.

If you love bananas and custard, Monkey Business is for you. The name probably gave away part of this juice profile, while custard was an obvious addition. Almost every artisan juice company carries at least one custard e juice.

Black Velvet sounds so simple: cola with cherry, like a popular soft drink. Vaporfi’s Reserve Collection, however, is more sophisticated than that. Your tongue will detect all the nuances of plain cola as well as cherries; something different with each puff.

Last is Moroccan Gold, a departure in the high-vegetable glycerin realm. Few companies have bothered to honor the ex-smoker’s continuing love affair with tobacco, in this case paired with vanilla.

Vaporfi Artisan Collection
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