Vaporfi Boom E Hookah

An e hookah is just like an e cig in almost every way except style wise. Many e cigs are known as e hookahs even though they resemble the EVOD or eGo: cigar-like in dimensions, manually operated, and user-friendly for new or nearly-new vapers.

The most prominent difference is that the contents of e hookah tanks are typically sweeter and often fruitier than traditional types of e juice and the battery color is often prettier. Many disposable e hookahs don’t contain nicotine either, although many do.

Vaporfi Boom E Hookah

With this model from Vaporfi, you see an unusual type of electronic vapor delivery: the Starbuzz style, lesser known and distinctively long. Instead of a color, Vaporfi goes for black.


It’s the club style for use in environments where customers are used to vaping in public; where it is a popular, funky trend that makes a person seem more hip rather than odd and out of place.

Regular e cig devices are positively conservative by comparison, but it still takes a confident person to carry one of these electronic vapor delivery items into a crowd. Prepare yourself: people are going to ask for a puff, even perfect strangers.

Vaporfi Boom Features

The Vaporfi boom uses a 2200-mAh battery and oddly shaped tank which isn’t really a cylinder. Colored versions are available. The tank holds 1.3 ml of e liquid and the entire device measures 14.37 inches. That’s why I say this is an item you take to clubs where everything goes.

Starter Kit for the Vaporfi Boom

Buy Vaporfi’s kit which comes with a battery, two tanks, and a black mouthpiece plus a wall charger for replenishing your battery. The original price was $129.99 but Vaporfi has a summer sale going on so now you pay just $89.98 for a limited time. Add a $10-off coupon and free shipping, offered on the website for new customers.

Hookah Flavors of E Juice

Any flavor of e juice is suitable for the Boom. Disposable electronic hookahs often contain fruit, tobacco, menthol, or cocktail flavors. Blend your own with Vaporfi’s custom blending service. Their one hookah-specific flavor is Simply Shisha: sweet, Egyptian style tobacco for $15.99 in a 30-ml bottle.

Customers report success from mixing it with other flavors of all sorts to create exotic combinations. Your personal blend could be the next “hookah” flavor advertised by VaporFi in the “pre-made” section.

Other flavors which would transport you to an exotic locale or a tropical beach include Mojito and Clove, but there is no limit to what you can do with Vaporfi’s custom e juice blending options and up to 24 mg of nicotine.

More from Vaporfi

Do you like the flavor of fruity e juice but prefer a stealthier mod? That’s no problem: Vaporfi sells mods from beginner to advanced; stealthy to sassy.

Their Express mini cig works with pre-filled or blank cartomizers or mini-tanks and is a great option for the new vaper in search of a realistic “smoking-like” experience without tar and ash. The Pro Series manual e cig, cigar-sized and simple, lets the vaper continue making vapor for longer and with lots of color choices.

Upgrade to a Rebel II telescopic mod with a display screen and adjustable power. The Vox II reaches a high of 50W output, giving vapers the perfect excuse to try out Vaporfi’s Reserve liquids at low ohms on the Bolt dripping atomizer.

Vaporfi Boom E Hookah
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