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The first e cig you use could be a cigalike. This is defined as a cigarette-like electronic cigarette measuring close to the same length and width as a cigarette when the flavor cartridge and battery are screwed together. Disposables give you a taste of what this will feel and taste like, but the best way to experience the technology is to buy a rechargeable system like the Express.

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The Express: Your First E Cig

The starter kit for an Express comes with two batteries and chargers.

You receive an owner’s manual, but videos on Vaporfi’s website also demonstrate clearly how to use the product. It’s simple, really: hardly any work at all. The Express mini cig looks a lot like a real cigarette with its white cigarette-paper exterior. The only thing missing is a cartridge.

Cartridges at Vaporfi

These are not includes with the kit, so you will need to add these, or mini tanks and juice. These atomized vessels contain 1 ml of e liquid in one of 5 flavors: Classic Tobacco, Mighty Menthol, Cherry Crush, Chocolate Dream, or Very Vanilla. These are the top flavors among cigalike users and a package of 5 costs $14.99. That’s $3 per cartridge.

A set of blanks costs $7.99 or you can order 0.9-ml mini clearomizers in packs of 3 for $14.99. They’re a little better in that they last longer and probably taste a little better. You can also see your e juice to know when it’s time for a top-up. E liquid at Vaporfi is very reasonable: $15.99 for 30 ml in countless flavors.

The Starter Kit

Getting back to the starter kit, it comes with a high-drain battery and a standard cell. They hold 280 mAh and 180 mAh, respectively. Replacements cost $19.99 in either size but only the high-drain cell comes in automatic or manual. The 180-mAh battery is automatic only which means you draw and puff: there’s no button.

The kit also contains two chargers: a USB charger so you can attach the battery to a source like your laptop or a gaming console and an AC wall adapter in case you only have a PC handy and no free USB slots.

Good Deal?

The price for this kit isn’t bad: $29.99. Even if you add five cartridges, that will still only come to about $45. I’ve seen more expensive systems. A more cost efficient¬†way to go is ordering the kit, 5 blanks, and some e liquid for a total of about $54. That’s more of an outlay to start with but will last longer and be cheaper overall.

Vaporfi Express
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