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Where the vaporizer industry is concerned, the portable vape is king right now. I’m talking about devices which vaporize concentrates, essential oils, and loose leaf herbs.

They are distinct from e liquids because many of the consumers using these items (if not most) utilize illegal or barely legal substances or this is a safer method of delivering medical marijuana.

Although there is plenty of controversy around e liquid, no one is accusing e juice makers or users of being involved with illicit substances unless nicotine counts. Herbal vaping is also considered a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

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Nicotine Delivery Alternative

That’s where Vaporfi enters the vaporizer scene. Until they released the Orbit last summer, you would have thought their business was e liquid delivery; loads of e cigs and mods, not herbs or herbal delivery.

When they launched the Orbit, their image changed.

Now vapers from both sides started taking Vaporfi seriously and this also gave vapers permission to regard these two industries for their similarities. Rarely had their paths crossed in business, at least online.

A few companies offered devices for both types of use, but it was uncommon to connect the two. Eonsmoke, White Rhino, and V2 Cigs were also influential in this regard. Let’s take a closer look at Vaporfi’s herbal offering: the Orbit.

Handheld Herbal Vaporizer

Top vaporizers in this class share numerous things in common. They are wireless. The battery inside is rechargeable. Each one contains an herb chamber and herbs are heated using convection.

Kits typically come with spare mesh filters, a mouthpiece, cleaning tools, and a charging cord or dock. Other items in this class include the Pinnacle Pro, V2 Pro Series, and the PAX.

The Orbit’s battery is built in, not removable. Once it’s finished with, the entire thing is thrown out and you go to Vaporfi for a new Orbit.

By the time your battery has given up, they will probably have released version two, but maybe not. This 2200-mAh cell should be capable of 300 cycles, which is roughly one each day for almost a year.

Vaporfi’s claim that the battery should last for years was in response to someone calling this a disposable vaporizer. Both individuals were right and wrong.

A smart phone (Vaporfi’s comparison) doesn’t need to be charged every day for one thing: it’s not operating at high heat the way an Orbit is. Three hundred cycles, however, and a life of at least 6 months make this item far from “disposable.”

Still, I see the patron’s point when he argues the battery could be designed to come out. Vaporfi didn’t address the question fully.

Some herb chambers are removable as in the Hylo by White Rhino. Among higher-end devices there are chambers you can see by taking off the lid (Firefly) or which are easy to see and clean by pivoting the chamber outward (Ascent). Exchange the convenience of a pivoting or exposed chamber for the low cost of an Orbit.


I’m afraid the Orbit wins no prizes for style. It would if there was something unique about it, but WULF, Eonsmoke, and others have also adopted this design with the 1.7-ml loose leaf chamber, convection heating, and built in battery. Vaporfi’s version is sold in black or black and red for $99.95. This is around the median price for these inexpensive handheld products.

Accessories at Vaporfi

Your choice of herbal vape comes with a mouthpiece and silicone covers which are both replaceable. If you remove the mouthpiece to expose your herb chamber then put it down somewhere and lose this piece, Vaporfi sells replacements for $14.99. Covers cost $6.99 for five.

These should make the mouthpiece cooler on your lips, though a few customers disagree. They find the whole thing becomes pretty hot.

At least the Orbit employs a convection heater: it won’t burn your herbs. The DHW chamber also sold by Vaporfi for use with their batteries is a combustion chamber and your plant material will probably smoke up.

Vaporfi Orbit
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