VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit (Colors)

The Pro II starter kit in black is a sleek, popular device by VaporFi. Wouldn’t it be fun to own one of these EVOD-style e cigs in a bright color, or maybe two colors: one on top and one at the bottom?

They could represent your birth stone or a favorite flavor of ice cream, match the shades of most of your clothes, or coordinate with accessories like a belt, shoes, and bag. If you are known for making bold statements with color, choose the VaporFi Pro II starter kit available in 10 distinct hues.

Select a shade for the battery and one for the tank: they don’t have to be the same. Here are the other specifications of this starter bundle priced from $48.97.

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Customize the Kit

That is the lowest price you will pay for a VaporFi Pro II in colors, a fee based on whether you choose the regular 650-mAh battery or a larger one, which tank you opt for, and any additional atomizers.

VaporFi offers the Pro battery in 1000-mAh variable voltage format as well as the usual style: just add $5. That will give you several extra hours of vaping before needing to recharge but also adds length to the e cig.

VaporFi also mentions a choice of Pro-L or Pro-L II tank, the former costing another $5. You are probably going to stick with V.2 of the Pro tank as it is the newest one. Additional atomizers in packs of 5 cost $14.99. Ask for 1.5-ohm or 1.8-ohm coils.

Select a color. There are 10: black, stainless steel, white, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Kit Contents

Every bundle automatically comes with one battery, one tank, a USB charger, an AC wall adapter, and atomizers. Your battery measures 3.6″ or 4.5″ long. Add a tank and your e cig could be about 7″ in length. The drip tip is removable and included with the set.

Replace Pro Parts

When your e cig battery no longer recharges to even half of its full extent and you want more out of it, try cleaning the cell first. If that doesn’t work, order a new one.

Even advanced customers often revert to this format when they want something light and portable. Replacements cost $24.99 ($29.99 for the 1000-mAh variable voltage cell).

New tanks will need to be replaced more frequently if only because they are more likely to become broken or lost, but with its metal sleeve the inner tube is protected, so losing one is a more realistic scenario. These cost $14.99.

Atomizers come in the various resistance levels mentioned. These will need replacing every month or more, so keep some on hand all the time.

Add them to your e juice order when replenishing stocks of VaporFi’s original juice line, not their Reserve e liquids. Those are for sub-ohm coils. A 30-ml bottle for $15.99 is great value.

VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit (Colors)
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