Vaporfi Pulse

A year ago, the Vaporfi Pulse was still an eyebrow-raising e cig. It caught people’s attention with its circular, wireless charger and the futuristic shape cut by a Pulse battery as it recharged. It looked more like a missile preparing to take off.

Today, the Pulse is not catching as much attention from shoppers, perhaps because the novelty of a circular charger doesn’t fire consumers’ imaginations the way it once did. There have been many advances in the e cig business and it takes more than that to impress people these days.

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The Pulse Kit

You can still buy a starter kit and your purchase would be a great bargain right now: $79.98, almost $40 short of the original price. Although you will not be able to replace individual parts for the Pulse when they stop working, this is not a bad way to begin and parts are compatible with other models by Vaporfi. Many of the customers who bought a Pulse starter kit said it was easy to use, even if they had never tried an e cig before.

Your kit will come with two batteries: either 750 mAh or 650 mAh depending on which part of the web page you read. I’ll go with 650 mAh as this value is repeated twice in the product description. These are 3.7V batteries bearing small screens to display your puff count.

That is all they show, though, which is perhaps one reason the Pulse battery is no longer as special today as it once was. The idea of a battery featuring a screen of any kind for any purpose was a novelty back in the “old” days, but not anymore. Now it has to at least provide information about your battery’s charge level.

The set also includes a USB charger, wall adapter, and that wireless charger with LCD display. You receive a tank with 2.5-ml capacity and capable of 2.4-ohm or 2.6-ohm resistance. When the battery and tank are together, they present a “pinched-waist” look unlike the Pro e cig with its straight lines. A Pulse tank is completely clear.

Buying Parts for the Pulse

You can still pick up a wireless, round charger for the Pulse battery. They are on sale for $14.98. When they are gone there will not be anymore Pulse chargers available from Vaporfi. Batteries and tanks are already gone from Vaporfi’s internet catalogue.

Instead of the Pulse

Take heart: customers don’t have to mourn the demise of the Pulse; Vaporfi sells lots of other great sets. Their Pro tanks have been upgraded to offer lower resistance, so you could try the Pro II starter kit.

Vaporfi upgraded their Rebel telescopic e cig for more power and better airflow control. Consumers who loved their Pulse might even be ready to take a bigger leap forward and try the VOX II, a 50-watt mod with variable wattage/voltage functions and protective features for safe vaping at high temperatures.

This is your chance to try some Vaporfi Reserve E Liquid blended especially for sub-ohm devices like the VOX II and a Bolt RDA. Coils for a Pulse tank could never have handled the viscous, high-vegetable glycerin content of Reserve juices.

Vaporfi Pulse
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